2016 Instagram Memories

Thanks to Blogosphere Magazine, I was recently turned on to Little Things blog. I immediately fell in love with all of her content, but was particularly inspired by her “Instagram Stories” series where she looks back on her Instagram posts and writes down the highlights from that month. Heading into a new year, I thought this was such a cute and fun way to incorporate memory-keeping, Instagram posts, and blogging all at once! So here is my 2016 Instagram Memories.


I started the year off in London with my family, and while there are so many sights to be seen there, the main activity which occupied my time was, of course, shopping! Regent Street anyone?

Instagram Memories_January 2016_1


Moving into February, I had the pleasure of hosting one of my best friends for a few days as we took part in one of our favorite Ticinese traditions, Rabadan Carnevale! The month only got better as it progressed as I headed off to the Maldives for a week full of sunshine and pure paradise – a trip I will always look back onto very fondly.

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Going forward a bit, in April I had a few small performances with my dance studio. It was through these small shows that I remembered my passion for dance and performing. April was also particularly special due to the TEDxLugano event which I had the pleasure of attending to hear some great speakers, like Federico Soldati, professional mentalist and entrepreneur.

Instagram Memories April 2016_1  


May for me means Mother’s Day and I was lucky enough to actually spend this year’s in the company of my amazing mother in Como, where we enjoyed the Spring sunshine. May also meant reconnecting with university friends during Franklin University’s graduation weekend which is always a good time.

Instagram Memories May 2016_1


While the first 3 weeks of June were particularly stressful due to school, the month ended on a high note as I celebrated my birthday in the Italian seaside town of Camogli. It was then that I told myself that, going forward, I would make more of an effort to celebrate my birthday in a special way because celebrating yourself is also something that should be done from time to time.

Instagram Memories_June 2016_1


July was definitely probably my most action-packed and exciting month of the year as it started with a long weekend trip to Interlaken during which I went on multiple paragliding flights throughout the internal part of Switzerland. The high of summer continued with a string of concerts during the Moon and Stars show in Locarno, including Ellie Goulding, Lana del Rey, and Pharrell. Then comes the bungee jumping. That’s right, bungee jumping from Valle Verzasca, also known as the James Bond Goldeneye bungee jump. This was actually not my first bungee experience, but nevertheless, the whole thing was basically adrenaline on steroids. And if all that wasn’t enough, I also had the pleasure of spending time with my family in Sardinia, Italy, where the water was the bluest I’ve ever seen!


August was a month of “firsts” as I went on my first ever helicopter ride over Valle Verzasca, an experience I highly recommend! I also went to visit my parents in Munich for a long weekend which was filled with relaxing bike rides through the park. As I’m writing this now, I’m just realizing how many people I had the pleasure of hosting this past year, but I’m definitely not complaining and I can only hope that I get to see even more of my friends next year. That being said, my sister’s best friend and her fiancé came to visit me in Lugano. While their visit was brief, it definitely was filled with fun times as they went paragliding, and wakeboarding (another first for me!).


September was, more or less, a slower month for me, but it ended with a short trip to Monaco, where I had the opportunity to stay at the Monte Carlo Bay Resort which was a real treat!


November was a unique month for me as I spent just as much time traveling as I did at home. Don’t take that as a complaint though! I would love if every month was spent in this way! First, I visited Iceland with my family for the first time, and it was a truly breathtaking trip. Iceland has the most amazing scenery and landscapes and the pictures just don’t do it justice, especially since I was there during a particularly rainy and cloudy week. But even still, I loved every minute of that trip and I can’t wait to head back to discover even more of that amazing island! My second trip of the month was again with my family, but this time to New York City. This was the first time in 7 years that I actually celebrated Thanksgiving and spent it in America! Although it was far from my first time in the city, I had a great time filled with food, friends, family, and of course, some sneaky shopping as well!


As this month began, I thought it would be one of the few this year that I spent at home for the entire month, but as the month progressed, this proved to be untrue. On a slightly unplanned note, I spent a morning strolling through Venice, and while slightly freezing and wearing pretty much the worst shoes for walking, I still was able to do some last minute (unexpected) Christmas shopping while enjoying the scenery of a city I hadn’t visited in about 6 years.

As someone who didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas, I now find it to be one of my favorite times of the year, culminating in hand-making/baking tons of gifts for friends and loved ones and a truly delicious Christmas dinner, surrounded by some of my favorite and most welcoming people.

As I start the new year in 2017 in London with my family, I cannot help but feel truly grateful for all of the opportunities and memories I’ve had in 2016. It hasn’t been the easiest of years for me, and some months were particularly trying, but in the end I’ve made another amazing basketful of memories that I will always hold close to my heart.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of my 2016 Instagram memories, and I hope you look forward to this becoming a permanent part of my blog as a monthly series! Thanks again to Louise from The Little Things blog for this amazing idea, and Happy New Year to everyone! Let the 2017 memories begin!

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