A Love Letter to Lugano

Parco Ciani viewDear Lugano,

This letter is for you. Over the past 7 years, I have fallen in love with you, slowly but surely. Just like any typical love story, we’ve had our ups and downs. There were high points and heartbreaks.

I am writing this on the day I am leaving you and as with all love letters, I’m taking my 12 hour flight from Zurich to LA to remember the good, the bad, and then some.

 Let’s first talk about the good parts. You are unbelievably beautiful and have a certain charm about you. You truly are heaven on Earth. I learned so much from being with you. I learned a new language because of you. You also introduced me to countless new experiences, people, and opportunities. You might be worried that I will eventually forget about our time together, but I won’t. What we had was unique and you will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love you, but I’ve changed, grown and am just looking for something new and unfortunately, you no longer have what I’m looking for.

As with all my other relationships, I’m sure if it’s truly meant to be, we will find ourselves together again one day in the future, but until then, I’m moving on to bigger and better things.

Love always,



I wrote this post on September 15, 2017, but as I’ve been busy with moving to a new country and starting my new life, I got a little sidetracked. Nevertheless, I wanted to make sure to upload this post as Lugano really does have a special place in my heart. The experiences I had during my time there, both personal and professional helped me become the person I am today and have led me to where I am now. I have always said, and will continue to advise anyone and everyone to visit the beautiful city of Lugano at least once in their life, preferably in the summertime.

Lake Lugano and Monte Bre


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