“Baguette Me Not” by Essie

I know my last few posts have been the same content-wise, but just know that I have some different content planned out for future posts. That being said, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that while it took me one year to get around to posting these photos from my trip to Lisbon, Portugal, at least it worked out perfectly so that I can recommend “Baguette Me Not” by Essie for some springtime vibes THIS year (rather than last year). 

I’ve also decided to change the style of these nail polish posts. I will still continue to post these types of photos because I personally really enjoy photographing my nail polish collection. However, I would like to make the written content that goes along with them more meaningful.

I am trying to get on top of the mountain of photos and blog post ideas I have saved across various folders, external drives, and notes. To help me do that, I’m going to experiment with some tools to assist me in planning out my feed and posts, such as Planoly and Trello. My intention is that by using these tools, I will get better at actually using all the content I have instead of it just sitting in my private folders and files, when what I really want is to share it with the world. Once I have played around with them a bit I will report back, because if something works well for me, I would love to share it and recommend it to someone else in need.

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