"OPI by Popular Vote" - Remember to Vote on November 6

Fall has finally arrived here in Madrid. With that, I am finally sharing this post which I’ve had in my archive for quite some time now. Coincidentally, this post has come right in time for the midterm elections taking place in the United States on November 6, 2018.

Let me...Read More »

"Seduce Me" by China Glaze

I know it seems like I’m jumping the gun into fall with this post, but I swear I absolutely love summer. Actually, summer is my favorite season so I’m not ready for it to be over anytime soon. But “Seduce Me” by China Glaze, while a beautiful berry shade that’s...Read More »

"Lapis of Luxury" by Essie

It’s officially Spring which means I’m all about the pastels, especially on my nails. I’ve been meaning to share this post for months now as I originally took the photographs last year while I was still living in Lugano. Fast forward to months later and I’m finally getting...Read More »

"Unrepentantly Red" by OPI Infinite Shine

I honestly don’t have much to say about “Unrepentantly Red” by OPI besides the fact that I absolutely love it. I am not usually one for red nail polishes, but something about this shade just worked perfectly for my weekend in Vegas. Also, the name of it just seemed so...Read More »

"Patience Pays Off" by OPI Infinite Shine

Oh hey there, Internet! Long time no blog, I KNOW! I decided to take a break the last 2 months, but I’m excited to be back! First on the list is to talk about one of my newest faves, “Patience Pays Off” by OPI. Besides the name being...Read More »

"Ciao Effect" by Essie

Hello lovelies! If you’ve been following my recent beauty posts then you know that pastels are having a moment on Life with Laila right now and today’s post is no different. “Ciao Effect” by Essie is one of the newest additions to my nail polish collection but definitely...Read More »

"A Crewed Interest" by Essie - National Nail Polish Day

Happy National Nail Polish Day! In case you didn’t already know, today has been dubbed National Nail Polish Day by none other than Essie. June 1, 2017 is the first ever edition of this new “holiday” and to be completely honest, I couldn’t be more excited! To celebrate...Read More »

"Planks a Lot" by OPI

With the new Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie coming out tomorrow, I thought it was the perfect time to bring back “Planks a Lot” by OPI from their original Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration in 2011. While this shade was originally released alongside...Read More »

"Big Spender" by Essie

While I know springtime is known for pretty pastels, there’s nothing I love more than rocking a bright fuchsia pink on my nails from time to time. That’s why Big Spender by Essie is perfect for just that. Described as a “divine lush red-violet cream” I could...Read More »

"Mint Candy Apple" by Essie

Nothing says Spring like a good pastel. That’s why Mint Candy Apple by Essie is a go-to for me during the springtime. While this beautiful mint green polish was released years ago, its easy to wear pastel shade makes it a classic nail polish choice that I go...Read More »

The Oxford Street LUSH Store Experience

If you follow me on Instagram or on Snapchat (@lailaz) then you’ll know that I was recently in London, and actually I find myself quite often in London. Contrary to most other tourists, my favorite place in London is actually a shop. Whenever I am in...Read More »

"Navigate Her" by Essie

Spring is officially here and while I previously mentioned that I foresee a lot of pink tones for this season (at least here on my blog), I thought I would break it up a bit with this light, bright green polish which is none other than “Navigate Her”...Read More »

"Pink Friday" by OPI

Happy Friday my lovely people! Seeing as it is Friday and the “it” color for the upcoming Spring season is pink, I thought this was the perfect occasion to share “Pink Friday” by OPI on the blog today.

Fun and Funky

Ok, so I know the...Read More »

"Pearl of a Girl" by OPI

There’s just something so fresh and clean about an all-white manicure. But while I love a good white polish from time to time, sometimes it can feel a bit too stark on me, especially against my darker skin tone. That’s why I find “Pearl of a Girl” by...Read More »

“French Quarter for Your Thoughts” by OPI

Since I’ve recently been loving grey tones for my winter wardrobe, I thought I might as well extend the love to my fingertips as well! That’s why “French Quarter for your Thoughts” by OPI was perfect for my current grey obsession.

This cool-toned grey polish is...Read More »

"Warm & Fozzie" by OPI

The holiday season may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a bit of glitz and glam, especially when it comes to nail polish choices. That’s why I felt like “Warm & Fozzie” by OPI was the perfect shade for this time of the year...Read More »

"Blue Moon Lagoon" by OPI

When I learned I would be visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, I immediately knew what nail polish I would be wearing when I went – probably not the average person’s response to such news, but then again this is me we are talking about. Anyway, given its name, “Blue...Read More »

"Carry On" by Essie

I know I just spent my last two posts going on and on about how I’ve been loving non-traditional, lighter colors for my nails recently, but looking at the landscapes of Iceland, I couldn’t resist a truly dark and vampy color at least once during my trip. The...Read More »

"I Have a Herring Problem" by OPI

If you saw my last post featuring Sew Psyched by Essie, you will notice that I was really feeling muted tones during my time in Iceland. You will see the trend continue in today’s post featuring “I Have a Herring Problem” by OPI.

While this particular polish is...Read More »

"Sew Psyched" by Essie

Hello friends! I’m back and today I will be jumping straight into the first of many Fall/Autumn polish reviews I’ll be sharing on my blog over the next few weeks. To start off, here is my short review of “Sew Psyched” by Essie during my travels in Iceland.

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"5 Apples Tall" by OPI

I’m happy to say I’m back with another nail polish post. Today I’m sharing another favorite from the Hello Kitty X OPI collection. This super bright, tomato-red hue is “5 Apples Tall” by OPI.

I absolutely loved wearing this color both on my hands and toes,...Read More »

"Teal the Cows Come Home" by OPI

What better way to compliment the sparkling, blue Mediterranean Sea than with a matching blue manicure, am I right? When choosing my nail color for my vacation to Sardinia, I knew I had to go for something in the blue-family making “Teal the Cows Come Home” by OPI...Read More »

"Let's Be Friends" by OPI

You may not know this about me, but my first love before makeup and fashion was actually nail polish. It was my passion for polish that actually led me to my first experience with blogging (via Tumblr).

Over the past 6 years or so, I have collected...Read More »