Essie “All Access Pass” Review

My obsession with nail polish began when I was in college. During my college years I was able to name each of my polishes by just looking at them. My roommate would even quiz me on them from time to time! Since then, I’ve gotten a bit rusty, but my love for nail polish lives on all these years later.

“All Access Pass” by Essie is newer to my collection which is probably why I often forget its name. Despite my inability to remember its name, it’s still a lovely indigo shade that’s the perfect combination of purple and blue. I love wearing All Access Pass during the summer for a pop of color that isn’t too bright or neon. Two coats and a top coat and you’re good to go! Thanks to the opacity, it makes it a great no muss, no fuss nail polish option.

“All Access Pass” by Essie at the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt.

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