“French Quarter for Your Thoughts” by OPI

Since I’ve recently been loving grey tones for my winter wardrobe, I thought I might as well extend the love to my fingertips as well! That’s why “French Quarter for your Thoughts” by OPI was perfect for my current grey obsession.

This cool-toned grey polish is a lovely neutral that works well for wintertime without being too dark. I found that the combination of its perfect formula (2 coats as usual) and its almost pastel-like hue make it a super easy polish to throw on when I can’t be bothered to do something over the top. I find this color to be very wearable and I’m sure it would look great on many other skin tones as well. I also loved that it was pretty low maintenance as it didn’t chip prematurely.

This polish was originally released in OPI’s Fall 2011 Touring America collection, but as with most of the polishes I own, I still find it to be completely appropriate for this winter season, and I’m sure I will be donning it on my fingertips again come wintertime next year as well.

OPI nail polish
I also felt this was the perfect nail polish for my time in New York as it complimented the harsh, grey tones of the city quite well. If NYC can be doused in grey on a daily basis, why can’t my fingernails be too?

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