“I Have a Herring Problem” by OPI

If you saw my last post featuring Sew Psyched by Essie, you will notice that I was really feeling muted tones during my time in Iceland. You will see the trend continue in today’s post featuring “I Have a Herring Problem” by OPI.

I Have a Herring Problem

While this particular polish is not one of my absolute favorites, I do enjoy it as a soft, easy-to-wear, transitional color during this time of year. As I mentioned in my Sew Psyched post, I like finding nail polishes for the fall/autumn which stray away from the traditional dark, berry tones, if only to mix things up from time to time. “I Have a Herring Problem” is perfect for just that.

I Have a Herring Problem 2

Originally released as part of OPI’s Holland collection in Spring 2012, I find this pale blue shade suitable for all skins tones, as it’s extremely neutral with its gray undertones. In the bottle, and in other swatch photos, the polish seems to have a very prominent, but fine glitter in it. However, I found that this extremely fine sparkle just added to the shine of the polish, and it wasn’t over-glittery at all.

I Have a Herring Problem 3

I will say that “I Have a Herring Problem” is a very thin formula, which led me to apply 2 liberal coats when painting my nails. At least 2 coats are necessary in order to achieve the shade which you see in the bottle. I finished with my all time favorite, the Seche Vite top coat.I Have a Herring Problem 4

Usually I like to feature one specific location in my nail polish posts, but on this particular day I visited so many amazing sites in Iceland, that I just had to share them all with you!

First off we have the Katla UNESCO Global Geopark. This natural wonder offers so much beauty to visitors, including black beaches, moss-covered fields of volcanic rock, and glaciers, just to name a few.

I Have a Herring Problem 5

As my mom was insistent on touching the glacier, we made our way across not one, but TWO icy streams. If you saw my snapchats from that day, then you’ll know that it was no easy task, but it was definitely worth it once we reached the other side.

After making it up right next to the glacier, we of course, had to touch it, and also drink the fresh, glacial water that was melting off from it! This also proved to be slightly difficult and resulted in my entire face being drenched from the dripping water, but again totally worth it.

I Have a Herring Problem 5Not only was it amazing to be so up close and personal with a glacier, but the view of the Katla Geopark was stunning from that side.

I Have a Herring Problem 6

All of this days adventures were thanks to our private SuperJeep.is tour. As you might have picked up from this post, my family and I had a really great time on the tour and I would highly recommend the company for anyone visiting Iceland. Our tour guide, Loje (if I remember correctly), was very accommodating and really tailored our tour to what we wanted to see and experience.

I hope you enjoyed this post which was a bit more elaborative than my previous nail polish posts, but how could I resist with all of these stunning landscapes?! Let me know in the comments if you like this kind of post, or prefer my nail polish posts to be short and sweet without all the details on the location. 🙂

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