“Lapis of Luxury” by Essie

It’s officially Spring which means I’m all about the pastels, especially on my nails. I’ve been meaning to share this post for months now as I originally took the photographs last year while I was still living in Lugano. Fast forward to months later and I’m finally getting around to writing about “Lapis of Luxury” by Essie, just in time for the start of spring!

Lapis of Luxury manicure

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Lapis of Luxury holds a special place in my heart as it was the first of my nail polishes that I ever photographed from my dorm room balcony back in 2011. Back then, I posted my images on tumblr, but eventually I decided to transition my content to this blog in 2015. I honestly cannot even remember what inspired me to take the original photo, but since then I’ve loved combining my passion for travel and nail polish. As I took this photo on a whim, please excuse my tiny nails. Since then I’ve made a conscious effort to pay a bit more attention to the state of my nails, especially when photographing them for my blog.

Lapis of Luxury original tumblr

Perfect Periwinkle Blue

Now that I’ve gone down memory lane, let me tell you about “Lapis of Luxury” by Essie. It’s a beautiful periwinkle blue shade that I believe would look great on both light and dark skin tones. It has a creamy consistency that gives great opacity with just two coats – something that is often difficult to achieve with a pastel. If you’ve read my previous posts, then you’ll already know that Essie is my go-to for pastel polishes. I don’t know why, but when I look at my nail polish collection, it’s just a fact.

Lapis of Luxury by Essie

As a last note, sorry for being MIA for the last couple months! I went through quite a few life changes, but I’m finally getting back into my blog and I have tons of ideas and content for upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

Lake Lugano view

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