“Limited Addiction” by Essie

Ok, ok, this is my last archival post from 2017, I think. “Limited Addiction” by Essie is a good staple to have in your collection. It’s a true red with a hint of glitter. The glitter looks more prominent when you look at the polish in the bottle, but I hardly notice any when it’s on my nails. This is probably because its minuscule glitter pieces so it’s nothing over the top. I would still recommend “Limited Addiction” by Essie if you don’t have a classic red in your collection. “Limited Addiction” has a thinner formula so 2-3 coats is recommended for full coverage. But even with three coats it doesn’t get clumpy or too thick.

These photos of “Limited Addiction” were taken in December 2017 during a family road trip to Wales. Please excuse the bruise on my ring finger as I smashed my nail. I tried desperately to cover it with nail polish. Clearly I was not very successful, but luckily it healed back to normal eventually. Even though these photos were taken during the wintertime, I actually still like wearing “Limited Addiction” by Essie all year round because it’s such a classic shade.

"Limited Addiction" by Essie
“Limited Addiction” by Essie

I’d love to know if you’re someone who wears red nail polish, like “Limited Addiction” by Essie, all the time, or if you change it up. I think I  wear red nail polish the least out of all the colors in my collection. Here are some other red shades from my collection, see here and here. If you enjoyed this post, I would love if you saved/heart it on Bloglovin’, or subscribe to receive email alerts for future posts on the right-hand toolbar above! Feel free to follow along my everyday life on Instagram and  Twitter.

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