March 2017 Instagram Memories

So amongst the past few weeks, I somehow completely forgot to post my March 2017 Instagram Memories! I was just writing up some new blog posts (lots of new, fun content coming soon!) when it hit me that I totally overlooked last month’s blog post on all my Instagrams for the month of March. So here it is, a bit late, but better late than never!

March 2017 Instagram Memories

Last of Winter Outfits – The Pinafore Dress

March meant the saying goodbye to winter and officially welcoming Spring. This called for sharing one of my favorite outfits which mainly revolves around the pinafore dress.

Starting Spring in Milan

I found myself spending the first days of Spring in Milan. I only live about an hour away from Milan, but I actually don’t find myself there all that often so I was glad to visit, even if just for a fun day trip. I’m hoping to get back to Milan soon again, if only to do some shopping for the upcoming Summer season!

Hiking Monte Bar

Another way I welcomed in the warmer weather was by hiking up Monte Bar and enjoying the great outdoors. Even after living in Switzerland for nearly seven years now, I never tire of its beauty. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Switzerland and Ticino, I highly recommend you take it. You definitely won’t be disappointed!


I ended the month of March spending a few days in London, a city that has recently become a true favorite of mine to visit. The day I flew into London was the same day as the Westminster Bridge attack. While news of any attack on innocent people always breaks my heart, I am someone who believes in the good in people and I can only hope for a brighter future for the everyone. London is an amazing city, so full of diversity and culture, and regardless of how many times I visit, there is always something new to discover.


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