“Navigate Her” by Essie

Spring is officially here and while I previously mentioned that I foresee a lot of pink tones for this season (at least here on my blog), I thought I would break it up a bit with this light, bright green polish which is none other than “Navigate Her” by Essie.

Navigate Her by Essie manicure

I know many of you might here the words “green nail polish” and automatically say “absolutely not!,” but fear not! “Navigate Her” by Essie is a very muted, pastel green shade that is super fresh, and fun yet 100% wearable as well.

Navigate Her by Essie

Given that “Navigate Her” is a pastel shade, I was worried that it wouldn’t be as opaque as I prefer, but I was happily surprised. I found that two coats put down enough color to show its true green shade. While I love OPI polishes, I find that Essie does the best pastels and “Navigate Her” is no exception.

Navigate Her by Essie manicure 2

Seeing as I was taking a hike up Monte Bar, I thought that “Navigate Her” would be the perfect compliment to the new season’s colors. Winter has just ended in Ticino, Switzerland so it’s not quite green and lush yet, but I found the current state to be the perfect backdrop for “Navigate Her.” All colors very muted, understated, and soft, waiting for brighter days full of a touch more vibrancy in the weeks to come!

Navigate Her by Essie 2

Similarly to my previous polish post, this day was simply stunning and the perfect day for a hike. The sun was out, but not too strong, and a nice breeze blowing throughout the day. I only wish there was not so much smog obscuring the view of Lugano and the lake, but that just means I’ll have to head back up Monte Bar another day, hopefully soon!

View of Lugano from Monte Bar Me on top of Monte Bar

Let me know what your go to color is for the Spring time in the comments below! Are you a fan of pastels or stick to bolder polishes? Also, are any of you into hiking? I’m not an overly outdoorsy person, but with stunning views like these, why not, right?

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