Paragliding Weekend in Interlaken – Part I

I’m back with another post about my paragliding adventures. If you haven’t yet read my first post on paragliding, you can see that here. Today I will be sharing my experience of paragliding in Interlaken last weekend.


Like I said in my last post on paragliding, I am lucky enough to be close to someone who has a tandem pilot’s license, therefore this was not my first time flying (more like my 7th and 8th times). On Saturday, when we arrived in Interlaken, the weather was unfortunately not ideal for flying, but luckily on Sunday it was beautiful, bright, and sunny. My mom went first. Like me, this was not her first time paragliding, but it was her first time doing so in Interlaken. She definitely loved the experience.


I was up second, and while it was not my first time flying over Interlaken, it was the first time taking off from this location, therefore the views and landscape was much different from my previous flights in the area. I don’t think I have to say much because the pictures show just how beautiful it really is to fly over such a lush and green area. The flight lasted about 15 minutes, and I really couldn’t get enough of all the stunning scenery the entire time I was up there.


Like I’ve said before, I think everyone should try paragliding at least once in their lifetime, and if you ask me, there is no better place to do so than Switzerland. Flying over Interlaken gives you amazing views of the lakes, the mountains and nature, and all the quaint Swiss towns. There’s nothing quite like it!


Some recommendations I have for first-time flyers:

  • Take a motion sickness pill. Even though this was my 7th flight, I still sometimes feel motion sick while flying, mostly because you are a passenger and therefore you don’t have control or knowledge of what direction you will be going in (similar to getting car sick in the passenger’s seat, but never when you’re the one driving)
  • If you do get motion sick easily, try going for a flight later in the day, closer to sunset. During this time the air is less turbulent and you are more likely to have a smoother flight. Also, seeing the sunset from that perspective is a definitely plus!
  • Dress warmly! Even if you’re flying in the summertime, don’t underestimate the temperature at that height. I recommend dressing in light layers so you can easily remove them after landing in case you’re too warm.
  • Good shoes are a must! I would recommend hiking boots if you have them so that your ankle is protected, but any good pair of exercise shoes/sneakers will do. You really must have good shoes which you can run in, as you will be required to run during take-off.
  • Sunglasses are your friend. Even if you don’t usually wear them, I would recommend a pair of sunglasses when paragliding not only to shield your eyes from the sun, but also the wind, which can be quite strong when flying.
  • Be excited, not afraid! Paragliding is an amazing experience. In my opinion, there is very little to be afraid of as there is no falling sensation, like in bungee jumping or skydiving, and this also makes the experience much safer. Focus on enjoying the beautiful view below you because it will take your breath away, trust me.


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Have you ever been paragliding? If you have, let me know how your experience was and where you flew. If you’ve never been, is it something you’d like to try? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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