“Patience Pays Off” by OPI Infinite Shine

Oh hey there, Internet! Long time no blog, I KNOW! I decided to take a break the last 2 months, but I’m excited to be back! First on the list is to talk about one of my newest faves, “Patience Pays Off” by OPI. Besides the name being so fitting for so many aspects of my life right now, I have completely fallen in love with this nail polish. It is part of the OPI Infinite Shine range and while the jury is still out on whether or not the range is different from regular OPI polishes, I do quite enjoy the color, formula, and longevity of “Patience Pays Off.”

Patience Pays Off manicure

Pale Pastel Pink

Similar in color to “Let’s Be Friends,” “Patience Pays Off” by OPI is a very pale pastel pink. Especially on darker skin tones like mine, I find that this shade can even border on looking white at times because it is so pale. If you enjoy super light polishes, then I recommend you try this one out. I found the shade to be extremely wearable which lead me to wear this polish multiple times in a row – something that rarely ever happens for me!

Patience Pays Off by OPI

Amazing Longevity

The formula of “Patience Pays Off” is a dream, as with most of my other loved OPI polishes. Even though it’s a pastel shade, I get perfect opacity with 2-3 coats without any fear of goopy layers that never dry. The most surprising aspect of this polish is how long it lasted on my nails. I usually expect to see chips 2-3 days after the initial painting. And with light polishes, those chips tend to be very unforgiving and obvious to see. However, I found that with “Patience Pays Off” I had fewer chips and my manicure looked brand new for a good 4-5 days. Maybe this is due to the Infinite Shine formula, but it’s hard to say since so many factors come into play in terms of manicure longevity. Regardless, I’m a big fan of it and am sure I will keep it in my polish collection for quite some time. I particularly think it’s a great choice if you’re going away on a trip for a couple days and don’t want to travel with a million polishes, remover, etc. (unlike me!). With “Patience Pays Off” you can paint your nails once, and be done with it and not have to worry about your manicure for days, or even a week if you’re lucky and careful! All signs of a winner to me!

Patience Pays Off - Newport Beach

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