“Pearl of a Girl” by OPI

There’s just something so fresh and clean about an all-white manicure. But while I love a good white polish from time to time, sometimes it can feel a bit too stark on me, especially against my darker skin tone. That’s why I find “Pearl of a Girl” by OPI to be a happy medium.

Pearl of a Girl by OPI

Glistening Snow Finish

This nail polish gives the fresh feeling of white, but adds a frosty glitter to it that makes it a bit more wintery, reminding me a lot of glistening snow. Given that the base is a pearlescent white tone, I would say 2-3 coats are necessary to reach a decent opacity, as I have done in these pictures here. Otherwise, I would recommend putting down a solid white polish as a base, and layering this on top.

Covent Garden
When I initially got this polish, I thought it was going to be more transparent, and saw myself using it as a frosty top coat to layer over other nail polishes, but it actually stands quite well on its own. That being said, I think this could be a lovely option to had a little something extra to an otherwise simple manicure, as long as you apply it in a thin layer. 

Pearl of a Girl by OPI

How do you feel about wearing white nail polish? Do you like the fresh, stark contrast of it, or prefer more subtle or colorful hues? I’d love to know your polish preferences, especially during the winter time!

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