How I Style the Oxford Shirt

As someone who loves clothes and fashion in general, I like to think that I am open to all types of styles and trends. However, if I really had to choose one style to categorize my closet and current fashion aesthetic, I would say I have a preppy-feminine style. Proof of this is the many oxford shirts I have sitting in my closet currently so I thought it was time I shared how I style the oxford shirt.

oxford shirt

With the oxford shirt being a typical menswear piece, I can understand why women might shy away from this particular piece of clothing. But being a petite woman, and preferring a more girly style, I’ve found a few ways to style the oxford shirt so it is more feminine and fitting for my fashion aesthetic.

Pink oxford shirt outfit

Find the Right Fit

If you have a smaller frame like me, or just prefer more fitted shirts, then make sure you find an oxford shirt that is slim cut. I have a few from Ralph Lauren which I love because of their slim cut which is much more flattering for me, even while wearing untucked. However, finding slim cut pieces can sometimes be difficult, so if you’re stuck with a shirt that’s more of a box cut, like this one I’m wearing from Uniqlo, then I recommend tucking it into your bottoms to give it more of a shape. Another way I “altered” the shirt to flatter me more was by rolling up the sleeves a couple times. This immediately made the shirt feel much more tailor fit to my small frame.

Pink oxford shirt

Accentuate Your Waist

As I mentioned, oxford shirts are traditionally seen as a more masculine clothing piece. That’s why I chose to accentuate my waist in this outfit with a wide, berry-toned belt. By drawing attention to my waist, I give the entire outfit a more feminine feel. And as I usually choose to tuck in my oxford shirts, I feel that a belt helps make the outfit look more complete and aligned with the polished look of the oxford shirt itself.

Spring outfit

Outfit Details

Oxford shirt – Uniqlo

Jeans – Levi’s

Belt – Burberry

Shoes – TOD’S (similar here and here)

Sunglasses – Miu Miu

Purse – Furla

Watch – Michael Kors

pink outfit details

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