Sweet Saturday: -9 Gelateria

Happy Saturday! I’m so excited to be sharing this post today in another addition to Sweet Saturday. Today’s post is particularly near and dear to my heart because it features -9 Gelateria, my absolute favorite gelato place ever and it also so happens to be located in Lugano, Switzerland within 10 minutes walking distance of my apartment!


Amazing Quality & Fresh Ingredients

One of the main reasons why I continuously return back to -9 Gelateria is because of their amazing quality. I believe this comes from the fact that they strive to use fresh and local ingredients which really makes a difference. The consistency is deliciously creamy, as gelato should be. Many gelato places serve gelato which is extremely icy, but -9 gets it right every time. They make each batch of gelato in store so you know you’re going to be getting the best in every single scoop. Whenever I have a friend visit me in Lugano, I am sure to take them to -9 Gelateria and everyone absolutely loves it without a doubt. Even my friends who are lactose intolerant say that the gelato from -9 Gelateria is somehow different (probably from the fresh and high quality ingredients) that it doesn’t aggravate their stomachs as much as other gelato places.

-9 gelato

Unique Flavors

Of course, the other reason why I love this place so much is for their unique flavors. This time I got one scoop of “Happy Days” aka peanut butter, and one scoop of “La Rambla,” a creamy-caramel flavor. My go to flavor combo for the summer is usually “Geisha” (matcha green tea) and “Zen” (ginger). I also really love “Bianca Neve” which I would describe as berries and cream. They do follow a seasonal flavor calendar so their offering changes throughout the year. For example, Geisha and Zen are only offered during the summer, whereas they have flavors such as persimmon during the fall and winter.

-9 gelato flavors

If you ever pass through Lugano, Switzerland than you absolutely must visit -9 Gelateria. I promise, you won’t be disappointed and most likely you will want to come back for seconds! -9 Gelateria is located right in the center of Lugano (Via al Forte 4, 6900 Lugano).

-9 gelateria

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