“Warm & Fozzie” by OPI

The holiday season may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a bit of glitz and glam, especially when it comes to nail polish choices. That’s why I felt like “Warm & Fozzie” by OPI was the perfect shade for this time of the year when we’re all missing the festive spirit, and maybe even feeling slightly down due to harsh and dark winter days.

Warm & Fozzie by OPI 3

So why not spruce things up a bit with a fun, glitzy nail polish? I love this shade from OPI’s 2011 Muppet’s collection because it features golden glitter mixed with a rich, chocolate brown, that gives the most beautiful molten effect on the nails.

Warm & Fozzie by OPI 2

While I probably won’t be wearing this polish outside of the colder seasons, I think it is a really unique alternative to more typical winter shades. Seeing this polish on my nails always brightens my mood and I always receive a ton of compliments as it’s particular shade is a bit out of the box.

Flat Iron Building

The consistency is a dream with two coats giving you perfect glittery opacity. Because the glitter in it are not huge chunks, I feel that it doesn’t look over the top even now in January. I also really appreciate that it doesn’t chip easily and isn’t super fussy when it comes to getting proper color pay-off.

Let me know your thoughts on wearing glitter after the holidays. Are you all for it, or prefer to save it just for special times of the year?

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