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Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much when it came to food in Iceland, but I was happily surprised. On our first night there, we dined at Osta Budin, located in Reykjavik, very near to the famous Cathedral. I would say, hands down, this restaurant is a MUST no matter how long you’re in town for. The traditional menu caters to all, vegetarians, seafood and meat lovers alike. The small establishment offers free bread and butter before your meal, and while I usually prefer not to fill up on bread before my main meal, this is one place where I would make the exception. Their homemade rosemary bread is amazing, with a perfectly crispy crust, that goes perfectly with a dollop of creamy butter. My family and I went through four baskets of this magical bread before our starters even showed up, so definitely do try at least one slice. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Ostabudin Menu

Grilled Whale, Lamb, and Cheesecake

We decided to try the grilled minke whale starter, and while it wasn’t my personal favorite, it was interesting to try it out.

Mink whale

For my main, I opted for the lamb fillet as I enjoy the taste of lamb, but rarely get the chance to eat it. I was not disappointed with this dish, and actually finished my whole plate, which for me, is quite an accomplishment.

Lamb fillet

While the main dishes are definitely delicious, I would say their desserts were the best part, but then again, I have a major sweet tooth and will choose sweet over savory any day. Getting back to the desserts, as we were pretty stuffed from all that bread in the beginning, we decided it best to share two between the four of us. We go the Skyr mousse and the cheesecake. For anyone wondering, Skyr is an Icelandic dairy product used in many things, such as yogurt, butter, and desserts. The Skyr mousse was topped with caramel brittle pieces and blueberries, while the cheesecake had an oat crust and pomegranate seeds on top. Both were equally delicious, although the rest of my family preferred the cheesecake. I particularly enjoyed that these two desserts were light and refreshing, with a hint of sweetness, so nothing over the top or too decadent.


So Good, We Went Back for Seconds

We actually enjoyed our meal at Osta Budin so much, that we returned on our last night in Iceland. I ordered the lamb again, while my family members went for some of their seafood options. Again, we were all very happy with our meals, and of course, devoured another four baskets of bread. This time for dessert, we got one of each of what was on their menu, adding a tiramisu and chocolate cake to the spread. And while all were delicious, I would recommend the Skyr mousse or the cheesecake above the others. All the servers were attentive and helpful when asked about anything on the menu, making Osta Budin an absolute must for anyone in the area.

Another restaurant worth mentioning is Resto in Reykjavik as well. I would highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for some great seafood options.

Do you live in Reykjavik? Do you have any local recommendations for tourists? Let me know in the comments!

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