Where to Stay in Iceland

Silica Hotel

For anyone looking to visit Iceland, I do recommend the Silica Hotel if you’re looking for some serious relaxation. The Silica Hotel is actually the official hotel of The Blue Lagoon, meaning that the two are located within a 5 minute drive of each other. While most tourists will undoubtedly visit the Blue Lagoon during their time in Iceland, there is really no need if you’re staying at the Silica, as the hotel has its own private lagoon, which is definitely the best part of the establishment.

Private Lagoon

I went into the hotel’s lagoon almost every night I was there and I loved every minute of it. The super warm water is beyond relaxing and like at the main Blue Lagoon, you have the option of applying a silica face mask while you bathe. During my stay at the Silica, I went into the lagoon only at night as a way to defrost after spending all day outdoors, but I noticed that many guests also choose to bathe directly after breakfast, which I can imagine to be quite nice and equally relaxing.

Silica Hotel LagoonThe rooms were suited to the area with cool tones to mirror the Icelandic weather. Outside of my room, a small porch area let you gaze at the moss-covered volcanic rocks.

Silica Hotel

The hotel’s breakfast was quaint with a selection of pastries and fruit, fresh waffles, and other breakfast staples. All the staff were extremely friendly and helpful, making The Silica Hotel a great choice for those looking for some R&R.

The only downside to the hotel is that it’s location is slightly in the middle of nowhere, Grindavik to be more specific. It’s about a 20 minute drive from the Keflavik Airport, and a 45 minute drive into Reykjavik, so you will most likely need to rent a car while staying there. There are limited dining options near to the hotel, so if you do plan on staying at the Silica, I recommend to think ahead and make dinner reservations in Reykjavik well in advance so you’re not starving with nowhere to eat at the end of the day.

Some benefits of staying at the Silica are complimentary wi-fi (quite high speed too!), and complimentary Premium admission to the Blue Lagoon, which includes a table reservation with complimentary sparkling wine at Lava , the restaurant located at the Blue Lagoon.

It goes without saying that there are much more affordable accommodation options in Iceland, but if you want to treat yourself to something a bit more special during your time in Iceland, then I think the Silica Hotel could be right for you.

If you have any other hotel recommendations for Iceland, I would love to hear them in the comments below. I know I will be heading back there at some point in the future, and would love to know of any other good spots to check out!

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