Dead Sea Travel Tips

It’s been about a year since I visited the Dead Sea, but I wanted to share my experience and travel tips, if only for the next time I visit myself! Like I mentioned, I visited in December from the Israeli side. If you’re planning to visit around the same time, be aware that it won’t be very warm. It will be warm enough to get in the water for a bit, but not scorching hot to be able to stay outside for extended periods. After my first time visiting The Dead Sea, I have the following recommendations:

  • Stay as close as possible – The Dead Sea is messy. You will be covered in salt and you be will so thankful if your hotel is on the water. My friends and I stayed at a hotel that had beach access and this was the best choice. We were able to go directly into the Dead Sea for as long as we wanted. Otherwise you have to rely on buses or shuttles and feel all salty and grimy on your trip back.
  • Try some mud masks – I would say trying a mud mask which uses the minerals from the Dead Sea is a must. After all, you did travel all the way there so might as well get the full experience. Some hotels provide this themselves. Our hotel did not so we went to a nearby souvenir shop and bought a few packs. We slathered it on our bodies and one designated for the face on our faces then eventually made our way into the water to scrub it off with the saltwater. This combination leads to natural exfoliation due to the salt in the Sea and results in smooth, soft skin!
  • Expect some burning – if you’e a woman, do expect some slight burning down there when you first enter the water. At first I thought this was just me, but my other female friend also confirmed the same sensation. This usually dissipates after a few minutes, but also it keeps you from staying in the water too long, which isn’t advised. Also, regardless of your gender, absolutely do not go the bathroom in the Sea. This will only result in intense burning so I’ve been told!
  • Bring water shoes – if you have water shoes, I recommend wearing them. Because of the intense salt deposits, the floor of the Sea when you first enter is very jagged. I did not have any water shoes and survived, but it would have been much more comfortable with something protecting my feet.
  • Keep your face dry – this is probably pretty obvious, but I wouldn’t dunk your head/face into the water. You’ll end up with salt in your eyes and probably in your mouth – not the most pleasant feeling!
  • Don’t forget to reapply SPF – if you’re particularly sensitive to the sun, then pay attention to this one. Be sure to apply SPF to your body and face before and after going for a dip. If you’re exposing your skin to the saltwater, it’s important to protect it as well when you get out and rinse off because your skin will be more sensitive after exfoliating with the salt.
  • Stay hydrated – make sure to drink tons of fresh water during your entire visit. It’s likely that you’ll swallow some saltwater during your swim so make sure you rehydrate yourself!

I think that about sums up all my tips for visiting The Dead Sea. If you’ve visited before, I’d love to hear if you agree with what I’ve shared above and if you have any tips yourself! I definitely want to visit again, especially from the Jordanian side! Let me know if you found any of these tips helpful!

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