Deborah Lippmann “In the Sun” Review

Summertime is in full swing which means bright nails are also called for. “In the Sun” by Deborah Lippmann is perfect for this time of year. As you’ll notice, I don’t have many Deborah Lippmann polishes in my collection. This is because of the $20 price tag, whereas OPI and Essie are usually around $7-$8 per bottle. However, now that at-home nail treatments are becoming more popular, investing in a few different options might be worth it.

Deborah Lippmann "In the Sun" nail polish
Deborah Lippmann “In the Sun”

“In the Sun” is part of Deborah Lippmann’s Gel Lab Pro collection. The brand claims that by using their Gel Lab Pro polishes, you’re able to achieve “the gloss and cushion of a gel manicure without the nail damage.” A healthy alternative to gel polish. I have never had a gel manicure so I can’t speak to the damage they usually cause to natural nails. I can say that using “In the Sun” has not caused any damage to my natural nails. I used it in tandem with a base coat and Seche Vite top coat (as with all my manicures). I do find it to be very long wearing. In comparison to a regular polish, it takes longer to chip or fade.

The website describes this shade as a “orange red creme”. I find it to be more on the pink orange side. It’s definitely very bright and opaque. I love wearing it on my toes, especially during the summer when they’re usually on display.

View from my hotel in Guam.

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